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The Story Of Higher Education

Bernardo, Trust Education Champion (11+)

In 2020 the Trust teamed up with Middlesex University to launch a foundation degree in Football Development and Coaching. This was a new venture for Watford Football Club’s official charity, yet it wasn’t long before success began to be seen.

One student that is benefitting from this programme is Bernardo. Currently in his second year, Bernardo has been described by his tutors as ‘an exceptional student.’ The Trust’s staff on the degree course quote his exemplary attendance, attitude to learning, and personal conduct as key components that earn him that title. So, what is it that Bernardo likes about the programme?

“The programme is interactive and provides us contact with the actual Club which allows us to establish contacts, learn, and develop our knowledge.”

Now working as a casual coach for the Trust, Bernardo has already begun to take advantage of these contacts and as he looks back, he knows whom to thank:

“The Trust has been really helpful, always made me feel engaged and part of the team. Absolutely fantastic. My mind and knowledge developed a lot which allows me to see things in a variety of ways. I am glad to have this chance in my life.”